7 Ways To Make Your Skincare Packaging More Eco Friendly



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September 12, 2022

Do you have your own cosmetic brand? Well, you may know what is happening in the cosmetic industry right now. Well, there is hype going on about the "clean beauty movement". In a nutshell, this approach refers to prioritizing skincare products with zero health concerns. Well, in that sense most brands consider how safe their ingredients are and are most likely forgotten about the environmental concerns. However, the approach is all not about pursuing skincare products with zero health concerns but also about the skincare packaging. So, in order to compete with the competitors out there, you have to understand the market needs thoroughly. Now let us find out why you have to make your skincare packaging eco friendly in the first place.

Future ahead of skincare packaging

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Starting your own brand of skincare packaging is not an easier task. And yet no matter how the hardships are having your own brand can be really exciting. You can weigh out and make a list of skincare packaging that you intend to make. One of the most important things to figure out is the materials of the skincare packaging. The reason is that there is a huge demand for brands that use sustainable and eco-friendly skincare packaging methods. In addition according to studies US consumers have a strong desire to pursue sustainable brands and are concerned about the environmental impact. In short, in order to comply with the trends, you have to apply these eco-friendly practices to your own skincare packaging to get better results. Now let us find out the ways that you can make a switch to go greener approach.

7 tips to make your skincare packaging more eco friendly

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When it comes to cosmetics and other beauty products, manufacturing materials seemed out of the question, but it is not. Of course, checking whether the product is cruelty-free or not matters too. But you cannot disregard the sustainability concerns of the packaging at all. Let us find out what more you can do to create sustainable and eco friendly skincare packaging.

1. Try to use organic materials

There are many organic packaging materials that can be used to create eco friendly skincare packaging. Moreover, using organic material also means that there is almost less chance of mixing the chemicals of the product with the packaging. So, it is also a safe strategy if you are willing to try it out. For instance, you can use bamboo packaging. Not to mention that it is higher in durability and is ideal for luxury skincare products. Most importantly, they will break down naturally, and ensure that there is no harm to the planet in any form.

2. Reducing additional packaging materials

Another common thing that you can follow to become an eco-friendly concerned brand is reducing the additional materials in a package. For instance, imagine that you are sending an order of skin care products to a particular client. And, since you wanna make sure that it will arrive safely without any damage, you will add some extra cushioning to your package including cardboard, and bubble wraps. Unfortunately, these materials are not eco-friendly. Instead, you can use corrugated cardboard, craft paper, and bamboo molded pulp.

3. Get rid of plastic

Plastic is one of the most triggering reasons to choose eco-friendly skincare packaging. As you may know plastic is really difficult to degrade. Unfortunately, it will take thousands of years to break down these materials. In addition, most of the time, skincare packaging uses these single-use plastics. Did you know that only in 2018, there were more than 142 billion single-use plastic packaging that belongs to skincare products? So, make the right call to save our planet.

4. Encourage bulk purchasing

Another strategy to become sustainable is to choose bulk packaging most of the time. Unless you have your own factory, you have to purchase the supplies for your skincare packaging. In that case, what you can do is go for bulk purchases all the time. It will reduce the packaging materials and the necessity of logistics as well. Eventually, it will lessen the carbon footprint and also save you extra money as well. Do not hesitate and make it known that you are creating an environmentally conscious brand.

5. Create a recycling program

One of the brilliant ideas to become a sustainable brand is non-other creating a recycling program. This will raise awareness in the community about the importance of using sustainable products. And make sure to organize where to put the bins first. In addition, encourage your employees to follow them and put their trash accordingly. Most importantly, instead of manufacturing the products from the beginning, it requires fewer energy sources, to recycle and reuse the same product.

6. Collaborate with a sustainable supplier

Whom you collaborate with when in terms of the supplier is of great significance to go green. The reason is your supplier can also join hands with you to create eco-friendly skincare packaging. For instance, typically, the operational process and machinery, maintaining energy sources, and so on will come through your supplier. If you choose a sustainable supplier, they will follow all these practices with sustainability in mind. Make sure to make it known to your consumers to boost your business.

7. Say no to over packaging

It is a must to ensure the safety of the product. However, do not step overboard and go for over-packaging. Especially not only the cosmetic industry but also the food and medical industries tend to make the same mistakes and add extra few unnecessary layers. As you may know, most of the time, these extra layers consist of petroleum-based plastic material. In short, in the process of manufacturing these, toxic chemicals will be released into the atmosphere which is a major concern. You can make a stop to this once you choose eco-friendly skincare packaging for your brand.


Unlike before consumers are keeping an eye on the skin care product packaging and are more willing to purchase from brands that follow sustainable practices. So, unless you cope with this new trend, you won't be able to retain your loyal consumers for a long time. Make the right call before it is too late. Become a brand that does not promote pollution and helps to keep our planet green. In order to make it reality make sure to find a sustainable supplier in the market.

Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
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Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
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