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November 2, 2022

Wanna a go green along with your business? Surely you have made the entire product and its packaging up to par with greener standards. Think, you are done, not so fast. What about the practices in your transportation? This is another vital step to making your sustainable goal come true. Do not think relying solely on your effort cannot make any difference. Even a slight difference will pave the way for a better tomorrow whether you have a larger corporate or a small business. Moreover, you will see why considering sustainability in shipping has become a critical urge. According to studies, the shipping industry is accounted for 940 million tonnes co2 emissions annually. It is anticipated that these numbers will go higher in the future, hinting at the need for adhering to sustainability when it comes to shipping products of your brand.

Plus, being an environmentally conscious brand, will come with a range of benefits on the board. Right now, almost all consumers are willing to purchase eco products from the brands even if they have to pay a little extra. So, you got nothing to lose here. Instead, you will have a worldwide loyal customer base waiting for your products. In short, it is not just a means of merely delivering packages for your customers. It is more than that! So, let us take a look at the ways to achieve sustainability when shipping products.

6 ideas to reach sustainability via shipping

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1. Sourcing the materials

Most businesses will have to reach different suppliers in order to get the raw materials for their products in the first place. Oftentimes, when sourcing, you will have a range of options including local and international suppliers. How sourcing is relevant to sustainability and shipping in the first place? Imagine that you got most of the raw materials from a factory located near you. Obviously, since the factory is nearer, your business will eventually, reduce facilitating carbon footprint since your trips to the factory are getting less. What if it is the other way around? You won't get any closer to your eco goals.

2. Packaging of your brand

One of the most sustainable ways is to use eco-friendly packaging including mailers, and cardboard boxes. You can opt for any eco option as there is a lot more to choose from including biodegradable, recyclable, compostable packaging, and so on. These materials do not cause a hassle to nature as they can degrade easily unlike materials like plastic and also reduce your carbon footprint. Thus, try to use eco materials for the entire packaging including additional packaging needs. Remember that the packaging you use will also impact packaging waste. So, make sure to pack everything properly.

3. Avoid excess packaging

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There is simply no reason to go for excess packaging when you have more room to make the shipping more efficient while reaching sustainability. Plus, having excess packaging will take up too much space and end up hurting nature in numerous ways. So, try to comply with the required packaging needs and come up with the right package and avoid excess packaging. In addition, you can use eco-packaging materials, as they often require a less number of packaging materials. In fact, it means since the package is smaller and lighter, you can fit more when you are packaging and cut down the extra costs which is another advantage.

4. Encourage the customers into sustainability

Remember that in terms of your journey to becoming an environmentally conscious brand, you cannot forget your customers. Just like how you did, having the participation of customers will make it easier to save the planet earth in the meantime. Surely, you are making sure that each customer of yours knows your intention of going green. But that would not be enough. Let everyone know that recycling and reusing are the way to join the green team. After all the more support you have, there is a high chance to save the earth.

5. Go for bulk shipping

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Another way to make way into sustainability is non-other than opting for bulk shipping. In addition, you can store the products in the same warehouse. This approach will save nature from a disaster which is reducing greenhouse emissions since there will be a less number of trips. From now on, instead of sending the orders separately, assort them all in a single box. This will help to cut down additional costs and reduce waste for your next shipping orders. Obviously, you will have individual or smaller orders. However, try to encourage your customers for wholesale purchasing.

6. Join hands with similar brands

There is a huge ruckus going all over the industry regarding being a greener brand, just like how you aspire to be. In short, you are not alone, and day by day most companies are making a turn toward greener practices. So, down the road, when you have to make collaborations with suppliers or any other brands out there, make sure to get the responsible brands on your back. Since, your values are the same, it will be a win-win situation for both. However, do not forget to check the validity of sources to see if these support their claims. At first, finding the right vendor with all the conditions in mind can be quite tricky, but you will make it.

Parting Thoughts!

Hope the article answered all your questions that you got in your hands. Most people believe that going greener will cost them a fortune. In fact, the truth is the opposite as you can save more money by going green in the long run. Now you know the truth including a couple of ways to add sustainability to the shipping method of business. You are almost there, and all you have left to do is to find an eco-friendly packaging supplier that holds the same values as you.

Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
© Copyright 2020
Made With ❤ By RedWave Avlanche
Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
© Copyright 2020
Made With ❤ By RedWave Avlanche
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