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July 1, 2022

Looking for sustainable practices for your business? Well, as a starter, you know what to choose. Aren't you? After all, eco-friendly concepts are at the peak of the world, when it comes to sustainability. This means that plastics are losing their value as a packaging solution.

The reason is it is pretty much difficult to recycle. Only a smaller proportion can be recyclable. Also, disposing of plastic is a hassle and will cost a lot too. Why are you going through all these troubles? Instead, you can go for a more economical, environmentally decent packaging material.

Not to mention that unlike before, the consumers are considering the packaging materials and will take them into account. Though these things seemed trivial matters. No, they are not. This is why there is an ongoing demand for these sustainable practices.

Single-use plastics in food packaging are out of fashion. Plus there is a controversy going on about health-related concerns associated with consuming plastics. According to research, some harmful chemicals in microplastics may blend with our food and later on may cause diseases such as metabolic disorders and reduced fertility.

After all, food safety and quality matter a lot in food service. And this is why you should switch plastic packaging to eco-friendly alternatives asap.

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What exactly is this biodegradable packaging?

Biodegradable packaging is a type of packaging made from materials that can be safely decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms. This makes it a sustainable option for packaging material, as it will eventually biodegrade and return to the earth without causing pollution.

In short, this approach includes plant-based materials and compostable materials typically food waste. Thus, it is suitable for sustainable food packaging. Moreover, petroleum-based plastic packaging products are not a sustainable packaging option at all. This is not all. Let us move forwards and find out more!

Moving forward with sustainable packaging methods

Today the world is changing for a go-green concept than ever. Thus, trends in biodegradable food packaging with sustainable materials such as bamboo and sugarcane along with other packaging methods, including compostable packaging, are also becoming more popular. The reason is that the consumers are more conscious of the environmental impact of their choices unlike before.

After all, using a sustainable approach will be an economical one as most eco-friendly food packaging materials come with versatility. For instance, imagine you are using rice-husk containers as per food packaging material. This product is renewable and can be reused.

Moreover, as it is produced from natural bio-based products there won't be any negative environmental impact of it. After all, non-biodegradable products will end up in landfills. In addition, it will cost you less than other food packaging products too.

The reason is when it comes to disposing of non-biodegradable products, it will cost you a fortune when in comparison with earth-friendly ones. Why spends more, when there is a more economical solution in our hands? So, probably now you have changed your mind about the traditional packaging options, is not it?

The tragedy of plastic based food packaging materials

Can you imagine that the whole world is using more than 500 billion plastic bags per year? Well, another fact is for a minute, 1 million of these plastic bags are used. Well, unfortunately just as you are reading this article, plastic pollution is piling up every single second. In addition, from this huge pile of plastics, only a smaller portion can be included in recycled plastic.

As you may know, most plastic products are petroleum based ones. In addition, these products caused numerous health concerns due to certain harmful chemical compounds including Benzene, PEG, and BPA. This is why plastics are not suitable for the food industry's purposes.

If you are working in a part of the food supply chain, you may have seen how much plastics are being used. Unfortunately, it is not limited only to packaging products but also to food containers in the takeaway, straws in beverages, and utensils.

At the same time, using an eco-friendly approach means that you will mostly end up with recyclable materials. So choosing an environmental-friendly packaging solution will reduce the carbon footprint too. This is why there is a huge commotion about the biodegradable approach as it is a sustainable alternative to plastic.

 If you are in the food packaging industry, you can escape from this tragedy and go for compost products. No need to hesitate and go for it.

Beyond the packaging options!

There are other non-biodegradable products out there that posed a massive threat to nature. Well, these things are typical in our day-to-day lives. However, though these are deemed to be trivial it is not to nature. For instance, in tableware, there is not only cutlery but also other products such as tissues, and dishware included. Did you know that tissues or papers are made from wood pulp?

Since it is made from plants, it sounds environmentally friendly, is not it? But the truth is far from it. It is not earth-friendly at all. Still, you can turn the tables and move the whole foodservice packaging to the next level. The only thing you have to do is choose an earth-friendly food packaging solution. In short, all the certified compostable products including food trays, cups, cup lids, straws, and packaging bags can be used for your brand. Or else, you can switch to recycled paper-based products as it comes under the eco-friendly packaging approach too. 

Yifupacking - The best place for all biodegradable food packaging solutions

As a renowned brand, we are responsible to help you to move towards sustainable packaging solutions. Let us handle all your packaging needs, as we will let you experience our quality-assured products in no time. For world-class sustainable and biodegradable packaging you should visit Yifupacking. Because we have all the best packaging solutions for you to go green with your business. Whatever, you need rest assured as we have them all when it comes to the food industry. 

Starting from utensils, cups, cup lids, straws, paper bags, biodegradable gloves, and trays, we have everything you need. With years of experience and research, we bring you the highest quality packaging you deserve. Not to mention that we offer OEM & ODM services to design what you want that is suitable for your brand. Well, you can design anything for your own brand. So this is the best place to buy sustainable packaging solutions for your restaurant. Therefore contact us today and get all the information you need before you buy products. And enjoy a wide range of options that you won't find anywhere else.

Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
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Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
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