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July 1, 2022

Welcome to the world of nature. Just now you made the right call for choosing the option of compost materials in your ongoing business. After all, going green means you are gonna tackle the extra costs that go to packaging. In addition, eco-friendly concepts have ongoing popularity that will make your brand, more eye-catchy for consumers. Not to mention that in the long run, going green or eco-friendly concepts have a knack for sustainability too. In addition, there are more for your to choose from when it comes to earth-friendly packaging. For instance, water-soluble packaging, paper packaging, high barrier packaging, and more. After all, customers keep their eyes on the product packaging and consider whether it can be recycled or not. Now, let us find out why is it good for your business.

Compostable Packaging Materials - why is it good?

Moreover, whatever industry you may belong to it is inevitable that you may indirectly generate waste that is quite difficult to compost. And the downside of them is that the waste can harm our ecosystem too. These harmful substances can sip into the rivers or oceans and take the lives of these innocent marine animals. This is the exact reason that the world is trying to remove the non-biodegradable waste from the ecosystem. In short, today almost all of these conventional plastics that cannot be recycled including your packaging materials will end up in landfills. Feels guilty yet? That's why we recommended using compostable packaging, unlike traditional materials that are not earth-friendly. And from now on you have to consider a lot when it comes to the packaging methods of the products. After all, this way, you can have a clear conscience too, is not it?

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Compostable and Biodegradable labels - what does it mean?

There is a huge fuss going on about compost heap. Then again what exactly is this biodegrade packaging? These two concepts are pretty confusing, is not it? No need to be panic. We will explain the difference between these two concepts. Well, you may have heard these two concepts in relevance to sustainable packaging options.

  • Composting

when it comes to composting, you may have already seen home compost bins. Usually, it includes organic materials which can be decomposite in a natural manner. After the decomposition, there won't be any possible harm to nature at all. So if are interested in composting, you can place a compost container in your garden and put plants, paper bags, vegetables, fruits, and other compostable materials into it.

  • Biodegrading

You may have seen many products with labels saying that it is biodegradable. Well, almost all the products are biodegradable. In short, they can break down into compounds naturally. However, the time for decomposing will vary based on the materials. In other words, the products you have seen take less time to decompose, if it has a biodegradable label on them. Thus, based on the material biodegrading process can be extended into thousands of years or even decades. For instance, most types of conventional plastics are non-biodegradable. However, it is a different matter when it comes to bioplastics.

Are these two packagings actually the same?

So what makes these two so different?

If we take a look at the composting materials, almost all of them can be biodegraded. However, not all biodegradable items can be composted. This marks the key difference between these two. In addition, the final compounds after decomposition are different too. While biodegradation leave behind carbon dioxide, composting leaves soil with nutrients that can be used as a fertilizer. Moreover, when in comparison, composting takes less amount of time. Both of these concepts are environmentally friendly. Now, you know what makes these two concepts apart from each other.

Going for compost products instead of conventional plastics?

An image of ocean pollution caused by plastics

The current trend is going forward with recyclable materials for the well-being of the environment. However, this is not everything. There is more to it. You will receive far more benefits when you use eco-friendly packaging solutions for home and industrial purposes. Let us find out what makes these compostable packaging solutions ideal for all.

1. Reduce costs

Whether it is for personal use or industrial use, we need different products. Imagine when shipping these products, they end up in your hands with stuffing traditional plastic wraps. Of course, almost all plastics can't be recycled. In addition, it takes a lot from your pocket to get rid of plastic waste that piles up in your house or company. So, choosing environmentally friendly products will reduce your costs for disposing of them. Well, aren't going green sound more amazing, is not it?

2. Brand awareness

Eco-friendly concepts matter not only for facilitating sustainable solutions but also for brand awareness. Due to the advancement of technology, many brands use various strategies to popularize their brand name. Well, if you switch to eco-friendly compostable products or packaging, consumers will be more attracted to them. Moreover, based on research, consumers are fond of brands that work sustainably in terms of the products and avoid unsustainable brands. Well, so you have the potential to thrive in the industry, once you make the right turn of events by discarding traditional plastic packaging.

3. Multiple purposes

It is a must to check what the packaging offers before purchasing them. Whether it is for home or industrial usage, this should be added to the checklist. Compostable packagings are versatile so you can recycle and use them again. For instance, imagine you ship something with compostable mailers or bought a pizza with compostable food packaging. After recycling, you can use these as they can be adept for other purposes and various industries. Well, if you are still keen on using plastics, go for bio-based ones or compostable plastics.

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Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
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Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
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