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September 7, 2022

We all use food containers when we buy takeaway foods from restaurants. But recently you might have seen an increase in paper packaging with your foods. Because this industry is evolving faster and becoming sustainable day-by-day escaping from its past. Since the food industry is one of the biggest users of single-use plastics in the world. Even though this usage is slowing down, still to this day there are some restaurants that use plastic packaging. Reasons for this are the unawareness of the alternatives and the lack of confidence to change for sustainable options. And that is why with this article, we hope to change your mind about sustainable packaging. Because it will contain all the information you need before buying eco-friendly food containers wholesale for your restaurants.

And it will clear out a lot of misbeliefs around misunderstandings about eco-friendly food containers. Because this is the reason why many restaurant owners avoid this type of packaging and still use plastics as their primary containers. So at the end of this post, we hope that we are able to change minds and lead people to a sustainable packaging choice for the better of your business and this world.

Firstly, to start this discussion, let's find out why the current food industry is pushing restaurants toward sustainable packaging. And after that, we will clear out major misunderstandings surrounding this type of packaging. So you can go ahead with your purchase and buy sustainable food containers for your business without any issues.

The Need For A Change, Explained!

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The restaurant industry has one of the highest usages of single-use plastics compared to others. Because they use food containers, bags, and even utensils for their services. And in recent times, due to the global pandemic, these single-use plastics have become even more popular. Because you can easily dispose of the utensils and containers after each use without the fear of the spread of the infectious disease without the fear of spread. So this contributed to the rising plastic pollution in the world today as this usage was really high.

Especially, when it comes to plastic utensils in the US alone 36 billion were used in a single year. This is an unimaginable amount that causes great damage to the world. Because only a lower percentage of these plastics end up in recycling centers, while others end up in landfills somewhere out in the ether. And this increase causes the push toward sustainable packaging to take a fall. Because according to a study by the WWF, it predicted that plastic waste will increase by 40% by the next decade. So a combination of all these factors was recognized as the main cause of the need for a change towards a sustainable future.

And that is why the food and restaurant industry push businesses to buy eco-friendly food containers and utensil for their businesses. Because they can reduce the impact by a lot if the change would happen right now. And with time the impact will be larger when we move to upcoming decades. But some misconceptions around this packaging solution prevent businesses from buying them wholesale. So let's find out what these are to clear them out of your consciousness if you are also having them as someone in this industry.

4 Common Misconceptions Around Buying Eco-friendly Food Containers & Utensils Wholesale

1. They Are Expensive

The most common misconception there is related to all types of sustainable packaging is that people think they are extremely expensive. But this is not the case, since sustainable packaging has come a long way and has become more affordable. However, it is a bit more costly than cheap plastic food containers and utensils. And this difference related to cost is a small margin, unlike people think it is when buying food containers for their businesses.

The small costs add up to an increase in the price of sustainable packaging when compared to plastic due to its production process and the costs of raw materials. Since plastic is a by-product of petroleum it is commonly available. But sustainable packaging use all-natural products as the main raw materials. So this can be a bit costly when it comes to the price.

2. They Are Not 100% Biodegradable

Another misconception about this is that these eco-friendly food containers aren't 100% biodegradable. And this statement is also false because they are indeed completely biodegradable. But the cause for the rise of this question is due to that even though these food containers are biodegradable they take some time fully complete the process. Due to this, some residue does remain for some time. But within 60-90 days, these containers will fully complete their biodegrading process. So this statement is indeed false and you should not believe this misconception anymore.

3. They Do Not Contain Natural Materials

Eco-friendly food containers have mixed materials that are not all natural is another misconception popular in these industries. Because some find it surprising sometimes when they find out the actual prices of these food containers and utensils since they are affordable. But sometimes this can be true since there are various manufacturers in the industry that use these types of methods. However, if you are buying eco-friendly food containers wholesale from a reputable biodegradable packaging supplier, then you do not need to worry. Because they all-natural products to produce their sustainable packaging that leads to a better tomorrow.

4. They Are Not Durable Like Plastic

Last but not least, some businesses think that biodegradable packaging is not durable as plastic. And again, this is a false statement since actually, these packagings are way more durable than plastic. Because they are made with strong materials, for example, corn starch and bamboo are famous for their use in making biodegradable packaging. So the manufacturers use materials like corn starch and bamboo to make durable sustainable packaging and utensils.

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Parting Thoughts!

After reading all the misconceptions discussed here in this post, you can understand how insignificant and false they are. And they should not stop you from buying eco-friendly food containers wholesale if you ever had a doubt. But again keep in mind to always go to a reputable brand in the sustainable packaging industry. By doing so, you will be able to avoid buying bad products that are not sustainable or durable for your business.

Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
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Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
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