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July 2, 2021

We use various types of packaging for our foods in our daily lives today. But most of the time, they are related to polythene that has become a major cause of pollution. Therefore many countries have banned this packaging for the good of the world. So, what type of alternative do we have for this packaging? Because there is always a use for food wraps, whether it to store your food away or to cover as takeaways. Therefore what is the best solution for this without going towards plastics? The answer is in the form of eco-friendly and bio-degradable food packaging. So let us find out how they work and what benefits they bring with this article. But first, let's go into detail about these alternatives we can find today.

Types of eco food packaging

While there are many eco food packaging in the world today, we are only discussing the main and popular packaging available in the market. Because they are the ones leading the movement of going green to save the planet from pollution.

1. Kraft paper
Disposable bags - Kraft paper

Wood is the main material used to make these packaging and one of the most used in the world today. Brown in color, these bags are some of the most durable packagings you can buy. And they are easier to make than plastic ones. Many plant-based raw materials are used to make these bags and have become popular among households worldwide. So if you want to start simple, try these bags out as food packaging next time when you are out on a picnic or carrying your lunch.

2. Bio-degradable
Bio-degradable containers

As the name suggests, these are bags are easily compostable when they are outside and cause no pollution. And you don't need special care or methods to make them break down into pieces. Therefore even you are out of control, and pollution did happen without your notice. These bags will automatically decompose when they are outside. But that doesn't mean you should throw them away without proper care. Due to this reason, people are buying these food packaging bulk to help the world become less polluted.

3. High Barrier films
high barrier films

Most of the time, we use some kind of plastic film to cover our leftover foods. And according to studies, these films can be toxic to us and the food. Therefore many companies today don't use these films to cover their food, and neither should we. So as an alternative, you should try high barrier bio-degradable films as your option. Because they are not harmful to your foods and can hold their nutritional value very well. And won't let any moisture in making them the perfect food packaging for your household or business.

4. Recyclable paper
recyclable bags

Bags made with recyclable paper is also popular now as a great alternative to plastics. It is a very sustainable way to use food packaging as a business and as an individual. You can save a lot of resources by making your containers recyclable. Because they are reusable and do not cost a lot to do the recycling process. Due to this reason, they have been one of the major ways that many popular companies and brands use to be more sustainable in their food industry. So if you are looking to do the same, then recyclable food packaging is your best choice.

Overall benefits of eco-friendly food packaging

Now that we know about all the major food packaging. Let us discuss in detail the overall benefits they bring to people and businesses. And how they help to make the world more sustainable and pollution-free.

1. Decrease carbon footprint

By using eco food packaging, you can directly reduce the carbon footprints we leave on this planet. Because there is only fewer amount of resources that get wasted during the production process, and most of the products are reusable. But you cant say the same thing for plastics packaging. That requires a high amount of resources and gets used only a single time in their life cycle.

2. More sustainable

Most of the eco-friendly packaging is sustainable and can use for multiple times for different uses. So they are not thrown away after a single use like plastics with a high pollution rate. And if your business becomes more sustainable, you can attract new-age customers who are always looking for eco-friendly businesses to invest their money in.

3. Toxin-free

As you know, plastic contains substances that are harmful to our health. So you cant microwave or put hot food in there without proper cautions. Because they can react with heat and can cause toxins that are harmful to emit out of them. But you won't have this problem with eco food packaging that can handle your food however it fits without letting out any toxins due to its organic origins.

4. Saves you money

Even though it is a bit expensive than plastics, eco-friendly food packaging will save you a lot of money due to its reusability. Because they can be used more than single-use plasticware and also help you to reduce costs in recyclability. Due to its being easily decomposed or recyclable than the plastic packaging that requires special care and costs in the recycling process.

5. Increase brand value

It will always get you a boost to your brand image if you are a business by using sustainable packaging for your foods or products. Because people are starting to use green packaging more and always look out for service providers who have the same beliefs as them. So by using these food packaging, you can gain more customers while increasing your profits as well.

food packaging supplies

After finding out these benefits, you may start to consider buying these food packaging for your business as well. So who should you buy them from? The answer you are looking for is within your reach. Therefore let us find out about the best sustainable and eco-friendly packaging partner you can find for your business in the market right now!

Yifupacking - The perfect partner in all types of eco-friendly packaging

Are you looking to get the highest quality food packaging supplies for your business, then you came to the right place! Yifupacking is a leading eco-friendly packaging manufacturer in China that provides food packaging to popular brands across the world. We are to provide you the best packaging for the foods or products that we make with the best raw materials, and they are all 100% organic. Therefore you don't have to worry about anything that can be harmful in our packaging. And we keep in touch with all the latest technologies and trends to bring you the best service and product we can as possible. So you can enjoy the most sustainable and eco-friendly food packaging that you have ever used.

Therefore contact us today and get all the information about our products and special OEM & ODM services that let you customize and make your own product. And we will help you to make your business venture on more greener paths. So you can also contribute to getting rid of plastic pollution from our little planet one day!

Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
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Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
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