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October 1, 2022

Do you know that the clothes we wear are a major contributor to greenhouse emissions? Because if you know about the numbers, then you would think twice before buying your clothes. Since they are responsible for over 10% of greenhouse gas emissions around the world each year. And that is why people are turning towards alternative options when it comes to what they wear. And many global brands of clothing and apparel have emerged specifically to help with this situation. As a result, sustainable fashion has become the next big thing in the fashion industry. 

Therefore, if you are new to this term and haven't heard it before, then you are missing out on a great chance to help this world. Because many people around the world are switching to sustainable fashion as their primary source of clothing. So let us find out about what it is in detail to understand why they are popular right now. 

What is Sustainable Fashion or Clothing? 

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In basic terms, sustainable fashion is a way to dress without causing environmental damage and without hurting anyone who makes the clothes. And that is why it has become a popular trend among people who wants to live a sustainable life. Because it will reduce many things that can be harmful to both humans and the planet. And right now, we all should try at least a single way to add sustainability into our lives. It is due to the fact; we are facing huge issues regarding climate change all around the world. And that is why we need to be sustainable as possible even in small things like how we dress. 

But before learning how to add sustainable fashion to your wardrobes. Let's learn a few facts about how the normal clothes we wear affect the world right now. 

5 Facts About How the Clothes We Wear Impact Climate Change! 

  • 20% of wastewater produced all around the world is a bi-product of the fashion industry due to the various dying and treatments the clothes go through. 

After going through the above list, you will understand how much the fashion industry affects the world we live in right now. And that is why you should consider what you wear carefully. So, the best alternative we have right now is to wear sustainable fashion. And to do that, you need to know how to choose them out of the many brands out there in the market. 

What You Should Know Before You Buy Sustainable Fashion? 

  • Buy sustainable clothing that is totally organic from sustainable brands. For example, clothes made out of organic cotton use less water in production than normal cotton. And it will help reduce a lot of water wastage and pollution that occurs in the fashion industry. 
  • Find out where the materials are coming from to understand how much water is used in those areas. Because if they are from areas that do not have much water even for the humans who live there, then it is unsustainable to wear those clothes. 
  • Buy your clothes from brands that are trying to increase the impact on sustainability as possible. Therefore, do your research and buy clothes from good sustainable brands. For example, ZARA, afends, plantfaced clothing, Ninety Percent, and many other brands are leaders in sustainable fashion right now. 
  • Check out what your clothes come in as well like the packaging used to store the clothes. Because biodegradable clothing packaging bags are the new trend in the fashion industry they make the clothing we buy more sustainable. For that reason, many global clothing brands partner up with a biodegradable packaging supplier to buy this type of packaging for their clothes. 
  • Avoid clothes with microplastics at all costs since they are one of the greatest threats to us and the whole world. For example, clothing materials like polyester and nylon produce a lot of microplastics. And they highly contribute to the plastic pollution we face today and have really dire repercussions. So do not buy any clothes that contain microplastics and do not support brands who make them in the market. 
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Parting Thoughts!

You and I both should switch to more sustainable ways of living to help the global crisis of climate change we face today. And the best place to start this revolution is what we wear. Therefore, let's start to switch to sustainable fashion and make the world a better place for the future.

Also, if you are an owner of a clothing brand, then make sure you need to buy sustainable clothing packaging as well. Because it really helps the environment even the small changes we do. But that does not mean there are no other benefits to being a sustainable clothing line. Because by doing this you can earn a lot of brand value and awareness. And this is one of the major factors that determines a lot of your sales more than advertising campaigns.


Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
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Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
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