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July 6, 2022

The whole world is dealing with the crisis of plastic pollution just as we speak. Day by day huge piles of plastic waste are formed in landfills. As a matter of fact, countless attempts have been made to tackle this problem. After all, most industrial products come with plastic packaging which is not environmentally friendly at all. This is why a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging matters. Moreover, this is why consumers consider the type of packaging more than ever.

For instance, imagine you are going to buy some clothes in a shopping mall. After you are done, you will have packaging bags from different brands piled up in your house. Well, what happened if all these single-use products can vanish in a couple of minutes? It will be amazing, is not it? This is exactly what happens when you use water soluble plastics. The packaging itself will be dissolved right away after contact with water.

Water-soluble products created a boom in the packaging industry. So, if you are into sustainable products, you may have surely heard of them before. Well, if not, it means you will need to learn more about these amazing sustainable packaging methods. Rest assured as we are gonna break it to you. First, let us find out what exactly is this water-soluble packaging material. 

What exactly is this water soluble packaging?

Water-soluble packaging is a type of dissolvable packaging type that can also be biodegradable. It can be dissolved in hot water and is often used for packaging food or other products. The packaging is made from a polymer that breaks down into smaller pieces when it comes into contact with water. This is where this ultimate alternative is crucial as a packaging solution for all. So, we can use these non-toxic, water-soluble products to replace conventional plastic. 

At the same time, these products are compostable that it is possible to use with ease. In short, since these products are made with bio-based materials, it is 100% safe for the environment.  In terms of the materials, it typically includes products like polyvinyl alcohol (PVA or PVOH) and other water treatment chemicals. These products are often used to make water-soluble films and packaging. This is not all, there are more applications of these products to unravel. So, why the wait, let us find out more about this amazing packaging technology.

Applications of water-dissolve packaging

If you are an environmentalist, or eager for sustainable practices, you may be thinking about packaging applications right now. Just as you suspected there is a wide range of packaging made from this eco-friendly method. After all, since it will dissolve in water, it is friendly to the environment too. Let us find out what is in for you.

  • Detergent pods

Detergent pods are vital when it comes to cleaning products. This is sort of like a small pouch that you can directly put into the drum in the washer. This is pretty much convenient use since there's no need to measure them. So, why don't you choose this handy dissolvable packaging?

  • Packaging films

If you are in the search of water soluble film, this is the most ideal one. Whether, it is food packaging, water treatment chemical packaging, or detergent packaging you can use it as an alternative to plastic packaging.

  • Toys

As you may know, children go crazy over toys, especially when creating things from raw materials. Have you ever thought that these may contain harmful chemicals? Yes, they are. That's why there are water-soluble toys for the well-being of these children.

  • Agricultural products

After all, insect repellent is pretty common in the agriculture industry. At the same time, direct contact is not recommended as it may be fatal to users. However, you can reduce the risk and go for a safer method, once you use water-soluble and biodegradable products to deal with them.

  • Water soluble papers

If you are working on hang tags, documents, and crafting, water-soluble paper is ideal for you. In addition, once you are done, it will be dissolvable easily. In addition, if the document is confidential, dissolving is more ideal rather than shredding them.

  • Laundry bags

Especially when it comes to hospitals, the safe handling of infected laundry bags is critical. After all, they should be handled with caution due to health risks. However, with this technology, you can straight away put them into a washer. And, once it is in contact with water, it will be dissolved since the bags made of water-soluble materials.

Growing market demand for water soluble packaging 

The market demand for water-soluble product packaging is constantly increasing as more and more suppliers are offering this type of packaging. For instance, in 2019, the market demand for water-soluble products is valued at USD 2.8 billion and is expected to increase to USD 3.7 billion by the end of 2025. Moreover, there is a worldwide application in various industries that makes the products reach rapid growth. This is because water-soluble packaging is a very effective way to package products, and it is also very affordable.

Additionally, water-soluble packaging is also more convenient for consumers as it does not require the use of a separate container for disposal. As a result, the market for water-soluble packaging is expected to continue to grow in the future. Well, if you are a business owner looking for a sustainable packaging method with higher demand, you know what to choose. Do not hesitate and go for water-soluble materials without any fear.

How to dispose of water soluble products?

An image of disposing waste

Water-soluble and biodegradable packaging is a type of packaging that is designed to dissolve in water. This makes it an environmentally friendly option, as it can be composted instead of ending up in a landfill. As you can guess, the way it works is pretty simple. Since the packaging is made from a water-soluble material, such as cellulose, which dissolves when it comes into contact with water. This means that it can be easily disposed of by simply adding water, without the need for any specialized equipment. After you are done with the product, just add some hot or cold water and then the package will dissolve in water, leaving no waste behind. So, you can dispose of them easily without much of a hassle. Well, now you are probably convinced that this is the best plastic alternative. Is not it?

YIFUpacking-One place to buy all alternatives for plastic packaging

As a renowned brand, we are here to help and encourage you to switch over to eco-packaging methods. After all the world is at a huge crisis due to the increase in plastic pollution. Moreover, this will also amount to impact the carbon footprint. Hereafter, we have to consider a lot more about the go greener movement to protect our planet from our own unhealthy plastic habits.

We YIFUpacking have all the biodegradable and water-soluble packaging that you are looking for. Not to mention that we offer, both OEM and ODM services to give you a better service. Moreover, as a brand who are passionate about eco-friendly practices, we invite everyone to try our high-quality products. Feel free to check our products on the site and contact us ASAP if you have further queries. After all, your decision of choosing a sustainable practice will change the whole world in an unimaginable way. Join us and help nature go back to the way it was before.

Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
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Yifu Packing is the world-renowned brand for the vastest variety of packaging materials with high durability and safety along with a massive contribution to the planet earth.
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